This book is a small part of a larger series of messages that I started to receive in the year of 1991 on a Mediterranean island.

The source of knowledge from which these words come from is evident in all of the messages.

How do I receive these words? through a vortex of energy, a channel of light, a channel of hope and healing.

I decided to edit this book first in Cusco , because it is a powerful magnetic place, and as such, it attracts many searchers of light and truth from around the world, beyond race, culture, or belief.

Cusco is the first step to reveal these words to the world, and they are being published in English and Spanish.

We are all living now in a world of big events that will change the shape of all continents.

We are all close to experiencing a moment of truth, a climax.

It is the time to rise above cultures, races, and beliefs, and begin to realize that we are sons of a Unique Creator. The unnamed that blew his breath into the dust and ashes that we are made of.

Who am I? a simple human being, named Joaquin Ricardo Aguilar, and who goes by the pseudonym Human.

I am just a server of Him, like others around the world who serve light and truth from their own free will.

Now, this book is covered with the flight of the Great Spirit.

“The nucleus is open…. enter”.


Cusco , April 1999.


  • Those who give will receive. Like brings like. If you have given love, you will be loved. If you have given hope, you will be given hope. If you have given trust, you will receive trust. If you have helped a friend in need, you will be helped when in need. Love your neighbor and your neighbor will love you.
  • Deeper and deeper is the truth of the world. Look around you.
  • I Am the voice of your hope, the light of your faith.
  • You cannot hide from me. I am everywhere. At every moment, I Am there. So where are you going? The earth offers many pleasures. I offer time and waiting. Choose.
  • Virtues give strength. Follow them! Virtues give strength to the soul and spirit. Live them! Follow the virtuous path daily. This is part of your mission: patience, obedience, humility and charity, four words, but much more. Live them daily with love. Live them!
  • Loving and sharing is not easy to do continuously. Goodness is hard to achieve. What the heart wants to follow, sometimes the mind interferes. For this there is patience, for this there is humility, for this most of all there is love and truth. Each day has its ups and downs; each day has its inner rewards. Stay calm.
  • Yes, love animates. It brings out the best, the best feeling, the best emotion, the best joy, the best thoughts, the best intimacy, the best sincerity, the best ambition, and the open and naked heart, soul being.
  • Appreciate each day as it comes. Look beyond all horizons, you never know who you may meet. Be prepared, take away fear, and take away anxiety. Replace them with love, calmness and peace. You may meet me. You may meet a friend. You may meet an enemy. Treat all the same.