Humano - Biography

Ricardo Aguilar, Humano Ingles

Joaquín Ricardo Aguilar (HUMAN) was born in El Salvador- Central America- on the 27th of November 1940. After High School, during the 60´s, he joins the Plastic Arts School of San Salvador, and, during the same years, he travels to San Francisco and enrolls into the State College of San Francisco (California) were he studies painting as a freelance student for three years.

He returns to El Salvador in the year 1967 were he exhibits with the company of other painters in parks, plazas, town fairs, jails, and in the psychiatric hospital.

In 1972 he moves to small town in El Salvador were he dedicates himself to painting, maintaining a permanent sample of his works in the Gallery.

La Palma Ingles

From left to right: Oscar Soles, Julio Medrano, humano, Fernando Llort y Ricardo Alvarez.

After these years, an inner impulse carries him into the search for the spirit world, and he dedicates himself to this search, investigation, and practice until the year of 1993 (Stays in Mexico, Spain and Peru).

In 1993, he returns to painting.

In 1997 he participates in the collective exhibit: “Biennale des Neiges” in Savoy (France).

In 1997 he participates in a collective exhibit at the “Hermes” Gallery of Lyon (France).

In the year 2000 he exhibits individually at the Cultural Center of the Pontífica Catholic University of Peru.

In the year 2001 he realizes a sample of his works at the Alvear Studio in Washington D.C.

In the year 2005 he exhibits individually at the BOBO Gallery in Ashville, North Carolina.

In the year 2006 he maintains a sample of his works at the Rendija Gallery and Café de la T. in San Salvador, El Salvador.

In the year 2007 he participates in a collective showing in honor of painter Carlos Cañas in Miami at the Alpha Fine Art Gallery. This same year he maintains his works at the SURU Gallery in Piedra de Agua, El Salvador.

Ricardo Aguilar is the President of the Foundation “La Casa de Salarrué” an institution of cultural character dedicated to rescuing the figure of Salvadoran Writer and Painter SALARRUÉ. (1993 to 2003)

Mounting exhibits in several places in El Salvador and giving conferences, editing books, brochures, posters of Salarrué.

Conferences at the Congressional Library in Washington D.C and the OAS. (Organization of American States)

University of San Diego, California, and the Lincoln Library of Los Angeles.

He publishes the poem book EL PASTOR DE LAS EQUIVOCACIONES (The Pastor of Mistakes) of the poet Roberto Armijo.

He publishes poetry in the anthology Las Cabezas Infinitas 1971 (The Infinite Heads). El Salvador.

He publishes in magazines and newspapers.

He publishes along with poet Kijaduris in 1974 the supplement LA TORTUGA EMPLUMADA (The Feathered Turtle).

He publishes the book El Camino del Ser in Spanish and in English The Way of Being.

Year 2000, Cusco, Peru.